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Bieber Fever Strikes My Daughter



She collected articles about him
She postered her room with his pictures, from door to cupboard
She bought his CD, and now whining for the book
She got Bieber Fever
...like other girls around the globe ;)

Smart Phone #2

Found these 2 applications by accident; Retro Camera and Vignette Demo at Android Market Application.  If you like taking picts and fun of kinds of photo style; this is really nice to play with.

There are 2 different result from each of them.  If you like Black & White pict and under exposed, I suggest you to use Retro (figure 2 & 4).  But if you like "old" film effect and seedy as usually seen at 50's - 60's movie then Vignette Demo goes to that criteria (figure 1 & 3).  Vignette also allowing us to set-up according to our personal preferences.  I would say that Retro is not "friendly user" as much as Vignette.  Anyhow, I like both !

Amazingly, those are coming from a mobile phone.   Yup, mobile phone.  Another "toy" in our hand.  Thanks to technology ^_~.

Figure #1 - Vignette with Retro Blue Effect

Figure #2 - Retro

Figure #3 - Vignette with Highlight Yellow
Figure #4 - Retro


sudah merentang perjalanan selama ini
sudah ngapain aja ?
rasanya kok seperti belum ngapa-ngapain
malah melahirkan daftar penyesalan jadi panjang
karena sadar,
waktu menyempit 
berbanding terbalik dengan kemampuan
padahal rencana masih menggunung 

(catatan waktu ulang tahun bulan lalu)