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I found below phrase, under my today's horoscope @MY.Yahoo!  Actually, I am not a freaking horoscope but this one somehow similar with what I do now. 

Many opportunities will be presented to you, and trying to figure out which one to take and which one to refuse might cause your head to go into quite a spin. Try not to feel overwhelmed. Not knowing what to do is not always a problem -- sometimes it's just a state of being. Do not push yourself to choose anything today. Just let yourself mull things over for a while, and enjoy the fact that you have the luxury of so many choices.

See that pile of books ?  Hmmm...

As a matter of facts, I do have a plenty personal projects that I should finish.  They've waited quite sometime.  They cry out loud to be done.  The mess both in my minds and surely reflecting by my desk -not the one's at the office but at home- ^_^
  None other thing but I have to FOCUS.  Yup, I should focus and the best way to find which becomes my focus is by seting priority. By doing so, I wouldn't be overwhelmed and not too many spinning around my head either.  So then, priority is set; I know which one should go first and the 2nd and the 3rd and so...and so...

The 1st would be my other "page" that is for commercial use *wink-wink*.   And just before, I just finished the initial phase of the "page".  It still far away from finished.  Tons to be learned. A lots-lots thing to be done !  But at least there's a progress.  


It was an article I read that working table is reflecting some one's character.  If the table is clean neat & tidy, it's either he/she can manage the work properly and timely which also means no outstanding. 

Or, there's possibility they put all the "stuffs" into the drawer.  Pretending all works are done, which actually is not.  The tricky part is you have to look into somebody's the drawer.  Well,  is beat personal, don't you think ?   

And if you have the fortune, manage to see his/her the drawer and found what a mess inside.  Then this person is clever enought in hiding the mess below the surface.  

But how if the table was clean because he/she doesn't have anything to do alias no work no assignment ? 

However, my desk looks like this.  What do you think what kind of personal I am ? 

*well, you caught me reading Yoris's book during the work, ^_^*