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Ratna Art Work #1st Project

A couple weeks ago I bought a photo frame.  I would say this is a unique ones.  I don't know with you but first time for me found this kind of frame.  Instead of covered by glass, this one is an open type.  It consist of 4 piece of frames; 3 smaller with different sizes and 1 big as a main frame.

 Unlike the common frame that has wood as a based, this one is magnetized.  So you can move around or change the position of the smaller frames.  Very interesting idea.

Then I realized the frame looks too flat.  It was painted white with blue as based cover.  No detail nor ornament.  

The feeling of madly in craft start to pump-up.  After bought kinds of embellishment, I started to decorate the frame. 

Star embellishment

Round Sparkling n Stars
It was really fun.  I played with creativity that I haven't been doing for quite such a long time. 

And I like seeing the result.  I have different frames !  Next thing is photo selection to put on.

New Look

I like simple design.  Almost close to minima.

Suddenly, I'm thinking to change the blog design.  
Then I did it.  A very impulsive decision.

It how was look like
And now, you're looking at the new format.

I like it.  It's more ME.

Do yo like it too ? 


When I started blogging, one of my dilemma is what kind of language to be used.  Originally I'm Indonesia (gee...you can see it from my profile ^_^).  Bahasa is my mother tongue.  Funny thing is, it's a beat of awkward for me to write in Bahasa especially the long paragraph.  However, I don't feel that way when I'm put my emotions or thought into poem.  Surely this is personal opinion but it is because I found a limitation when I'd like to express my ideas in Bahasa.  There are phrase or terminology which sometimes do not fit in with my thought.  Or it is note really reflect my message.  Not that I don't respect my own language but I feel more freely and expressive in English.  That's all.  It's just like you prefer blue than red.  Purely personal taste.

Since I see my blog statistics, I then not bothering about this any longer.  It says that audience are coming almost from around the globe.  There are from Russia, Germany, UK, USA even from India.  Wow...can you believe that ?  Well, I have few friends in German and USA but India ?   I don't think so.  It is true that figure (I meant statistic) will change your mind.  It's known that statistic is using as one of decision making tools.  Besides boost my desire to keep post, I also decided to install Website Translator.  

Now, wherever you are, no matter what mother tongue you use; you can ready my blog.  Thanks to Mr. Google for providing such smart feature.

Happy reading everyone !

Thanks for dropping by.

pssst. I'm still writing in English, by the way.

Another Dream Comes True : a Guest Writer

August is owesome !

I have waited this updates quite a while.  It is back to end of June when I wrote to Admin of http:///www.backpacker-notes.blogspot.com as I keen to share our family vacation and having toddler along.

I couldn't remember when first time found this page.  They are specialized in traveling a la backpacker written in Bahasa.  It contains useful information including tips, interesting spot, places, Do's and Dont's if you're planning to go both domestic and international destination.  All those information allows you to have ease, economically and pleasant holiday.

The web is welcoming guest writer to contribute an article.  After I browsed, I noticed that there isn't yet an article on how having (semi) backpacker vacation with toddler.

So, I sent an introduction email saying that I am interested to share my experience; I also mentioned the outline of the article.  They wrote me back with 'YES' as an answer then I started to write; refresh all memory since the trip itself was 2-years ago but I guess the tips is timeless.  I also insert a few pictures from the trip.

It was about 4 pages of A4, finished in 1-day!  I don't wait another day to sent the paper to them.

It was until  yesterday where the Admin emailed me saying that the article was published.  At first, I can't believe it.  Not until I clicked the address and whoalla...I read sentences I wrote a couple months back.  Every words is the same as I remember.  

It was first time public is accepting my article considering that I am a newbie; writing is just another hobby of mine.  Basically, I'd love to share my thoughts and feelings in written.  It can be unfinished essay or poems.  Articles is not one of them until I started blogging.  I was so thrilled for not update the world out there with the news which I put on my wall @Facebook as well.  Surprisingly, positive comments also coming from friends.  They all like it!  Wow...(thanks, Guys).

Blogging has put me into a new interesting world.  I learn a lot.  I found tons of information.  And it is time to give back.  Blogging is about sharing, a good one, indeed.  And I can't wait to publish another more !