by - January 16, 2012

Have you ever tried to searching your self in the internet by putting your name on one of searching engine like Mr. Google ?

If you had, how many times "your name" is appeared ?  And when you click all those links with "your names", how many are they that is really about yourself.  

Either there are names exactly same like yours but it is not you.  Or you end up with nothing.

Try and you'll be surprise !

Should you think that your parent's given name was the only [read unique] name for you, then we shall refresh our mind.  Because there are people out there whose name is exactly the same with yours.

Well, I did ^_^

I found 5 names exactly the same on LinkedIn, 1 is mine.  The other 4 belongs to somebody else.

Now is your turn.

Can't wait to hear what is yours !!

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