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by - March 14, 2011

friend; "Na, your PIN please.."
me; "PIN ?  What PIN ? 

In the beginning, I was surprise by question because I thought she was asking my Account's PIN.  Later on I found out she was asking for BB's PIN to pairing hers and mine. I didnt give her because I don't have that type of phone, after all.

Since BB's booming in I'sia seemed everybody in this country is using it. I knew one family even swap all the member's mobile phone into this brand. Friend of mine said it is very simple to communicate with his wife and children by texting and sending picture for giving updates of their acitivities.  

I like gadget though, but when it comes to mobile phone, to me the basic function still for voice services. Other feature embedded to the tools is an additional services. It is obvious that most of Indonesian only using their mobile phone only for voice & texting/messaging no matter how smart their tools is. One of my friend even got surprise when she knows that she could do chatting from her Blackberry (whoa, get out of here!)

That's why, when colleagues asking me why I choose other smart phone -which happend to be an Android- rather than BB, to me it is really not a bigdeal. It's just a matter of which give you the optimum benefit.  What I don't get from not using BB is the messaging service (BBM).

It's personal, I know.  You might disagree and come up with another argument which is fine for me.  Nonetheless, this battle of OS mobile phone is seriously noted and been analysed by the expert.

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  1. hohoho, android it is!
    Against the mainstream is always fun for me ;)


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