Happy Birth-blog-Day

by - December 21, 2011

Years ago I do not what Friendster was.  In fact, it took quite sometimes for me to get to know what Facebook is.  It is not my style to following the crowd.  I have to know what it is and what it's for me!  Can't help it but that's me.

One come to another. 
Then I have twitter.  
Then I create blog.  And another website.
Then soo.....oooo many ideas comin' in, pop-up in my mind.

In short way; I love this thing.

A YEAR ago, I started blogging. I thought it was nothing.  As a matter of fact it something because the online concept has changed my minds about anything. That internet is not for fun only.  How to turn the browsing into profit centre, not only cost centre.  Social media is not for "say howdy" to your old classmate, a lot more you can do and can get from it.

It is internet that has changed my mind that earning money from home or online business is just not a tagline.  Can do and more people is switching the way they work.  Thus, considering traffic situation lately, working from home it surely one of alternatives.  I've wrote in my previous posting, technology shall ease our lives.  As internet may change or evolute people life in this century;  I couldn't be more than agree to say INTERNET as the 8th of Seven Wonder of the World *LOL*

Happy 1st Birth-blog-Day !

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