Istilah Tweet

by - January 09, 2012

Suka Tweet-ing ?
Kayaknya perlu tahu istilah-istilah berikut deh..

B4: Before 

b/c, bc: Because

BRB: Be Right Back

BTW: By The Way

DM: Direct message, a private message or “direct message” to a person you follow.

EM or EML: Email

Fab: Fabulous

FB: Facebook

Followers: Twitter Members that follow user updates

F2F (and while we’re at it, B2B, B2C): face to face, Business to business, Business to Client (Business to Community)

FYI: For Your Information

Gr8: Great GTG, G2G- Got To Go

HT: Hat Tip, or "Heard Through" instead of a classic "RT"

IC: I See

IDC: I don't care

IDK: I don’t know

IM: Instant Message

JK or J/K: Just Kidding (or for UK people, Joking)

L8: Late

LI: LinkedIn

LMAO: Laughing My A** Off

LMK: Let Me Know

LOL: Laughing Out Loud -- ada juga yang berpikir “lots of love” 

MT: Modified Tweet

NSFW: Not Safe For Work

OH: Overheard

OMG: Oh My God

OMW: On My Way

ORLY: Oh Really?!!

ROFL: Rolling On The Floor Laughing

RT: ReTweet

SMH: Shaking My Head

Thx or Tx: Thanks

TMI: Too Much Information

Trend: A topic "Trending" or "popular" right now on Twitter

TTYL: Talk To You Later

TTYS: Talk To You Soon

TY: Thank You

YT: YouTube

Dikutip dari Social Media Today.

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