New Way of Working

by - September 09, 2013

Today, lunch time, at coffee shop, somewhere in part of Southern Jakarta.

What attracting me is not why they sitting in the coffee shop in the middle of the day during Ramadhan.  But what they are doing there.  Instead of a cup of coffee or even plate of snacks, they have notebook in front of them.  Some of them sitting alone but number of tables are surrounded by people.  Surely they doing something not only for coffee over social chatting.  From what I can see there are 5-6 tables which having same condition.

By a glance, I noticed they are not browsing.  As they are very serious looking at their notebook in front of them, the other is having discussion with people sitting next to them.  The body gesture saying that I'am working.  Coffee shop is just a place where they work today.  I also see they do worksheet similar with I do at the office.  Are they working ?  Hm...what an interesting work of style those people have.  Not always need coming to the "monotonous" cubicle every day.  What matter is as long as the work is done, you get paid.  

Technology shall ease human live, working is one of them.  If you are a result oriented like me then working remotely or being freelancer can be the option.  Especially if you are also getting tired with the chaos from traffic situation these days.  Meeting is scheduled if communication can not solved over email nor phone.  Otherwise, get your job done, no matter where you are.

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