by - June 09, 2011

Being a parents is like being a teacher.  You will receive questions or comments about anything, anywhere and anytime.  There's no such a right time for your kids to address questions.  One more, do not under estimate just because of their age.  Because questions does not always allign with how old they are. I've read somewhere that children is an adult living in small human body.  

Just like my 11-years old daughter's question during our dinner last night.

"Mom...when do you think I am allowed for a d.a.t.e ?" 

I had to stop chew my food before digest her question.  For a second, I was speechless because I really don't know the answer.  Before I swallowed what I had in my mouth and took a breath, she gave me another "knocked out" statement.

"It is not a date as an adult's, you know....it's more like a puppy love date."

(Wait a minute "parents", how many type of dates do we actually have nowadays ?)

After I have myself back, not giving answer she waited for, I asked her back.

"Before we go further, what do you have in mind about a date itself..." 

"Well, it's like go out, watch a movie..."

"Don't you already do that with your friends ?" 

"Yeah....but it's different"

"How different ?"

"It's only with a friend not friends"

"Are you sure you just wanna do that with a single person ?  I was asking her with a light smile in my face, as I started to tease her.

"Well....maybe not now but later.  Just answer my question, please..."

Instead of answering hers, I told story on how strict her grandfather was to me.  

"You would not do that to me, would you ?"  she asked after listening.

"Maybe, I don't know.  It really depends on you, how you and your friend behave".

"So, when then I could go on a date ?  You haven't answered yet, Mom"  

Oh My God, how persistent she was.  

"At how old do you think it's appropriate for you to go on a date ?"  There you go, finally came out from me.


"Why 17th ?"

"Because I'll get my ID Card by then" .  Hmm...good point !

Do you know what my anwer was ?

"Let's see when you 16th" 

"That's gonna be 5 years to go, nop ... wait....4 years to go because I'll be 12 this year".

I knew this gonna be one of our "never ending discussion" until exit permit released.

Do you have same experience like this ?  Feel free to share.  I need it, at least I have another 4 years to think about ! 

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  1. tunggu sampe kamu kuliah...(hihihiii...sadis bgt ya buk??)


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