Madly in CRAFT

by - June 18, 2011

Since I remember, I always like seeing color.  I am not a good painter though, but I do like mixing color with texture.  I found different satisfaction when finally those color and texture turns out to be something.  

I also have good memory on how my mom spend her time -besides baking & sewing- by cross stitching.  It was at 9 or 10 years old when she taught me to cross stitching and I really pleased with the result.  

The handicraft lesson was not stopped there.  The bigger I was, the more complex it was.  But  I always found the joy of doing that.  When I was in High School, that kind of joy became a small backpack made from jeans.  Tote bag from cotton.  Belt from cord.  Mat of wool with Garfiled figure (this mat eventually still with me, move along into our house, it even older than my 12-years daughter !!).  I sent my handmade seasonal greeting card to friends on every Lebaran.  As a teenage, I also made my Valentine cards (aha!).  If I planned to send card to 12 person, means I would have 12 different designs of card as I tried to personalized the card according to the receiver.  I even designed my own dress to be sewed by Mom.  All was joy and really fun.

The joy was freeze until years later.  With all university, works and marriage life seemed I didn't have energy to do such thing.  (And make all into excuses ? What a shame!).

When we finally have our own house, I felt that it is for me to pour all ideas and make it as our dream house.  My net, my sanctuary.  From the seeing the room, I started to imagine what the function of the room, what kind furniture to be put and what the color of the wall.  Aha ! The sensation comes back, my adrenalin increased, I was exited !

 So, here I go again; playing with colors, shape and textures.  Every bedrooms was painted differently.  Modified furniture according to the size of the room.  It took quite sometime until all were furnished.  I prefer doing that way instead of buying things which is not in accordance with the main purpose.  If I can not find mass product then I go to the carpenter. Hmm..what a perfectionist. 

My husband even didn't want to buy a wallpaint just by him self.  He forced me to go along with him. Once he bought by himself, when he got home I asked him to change it because the color was not exactly the same with my preferences.  Ever since, colour becomes my privilege, hahaha....

Recently, things are changed when by accident I blog walked at this handmade icon while another one is devoted to scrapbook.  Both of them reminds me how passionate I was to handicraft.  

 Mbak Tarlen and Mbak Ria, I admire your dedication and thanks for inspiring me.   

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  1. Mba... aku jadi terharu nih... terima kasih loh.. >big hugs<

  2. Sama-sama mba Tarlen. Berpikir untuk buka Tobucil Bogor ? ^_^


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