Smart Phone #2

by - April 03, 2011

Found these 2 applications by accident; Retro Camera and Vignette Demo at Android Market Application.  If you like taking picts and fun of kinds of photo style; this is really nice to play with.

There are 2 different result from each of them.  If you like Black & White pict and under exposed, I suggest you to use Retro (figure 2 & 4).  But if you like "old" film effect and seedy as usually seen at 50's - 60's movie then Vignette Demo goes to that criteria (figure 1 & 3).  Vignette also allowing us to set-up according to our personal preferences.  I would say that Retro is not "friendly user" as much as Vignette.  Anyhow, I like both !

Amazingly, those are coming from a mobile phone.   Yup, mobile phone.  Another "toy" in our hand.  Thanks to technology ^_~.

Figure #1 - Vignette with Retro Blue Effect

Figure #2 - Retro

Figure #3 - Vignette with Highlight Yellow
Figure #4 - Retro

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