by - July 10, 2011

I found below phrase, under my today's horoscope @MY.Yahoo!  Actually, I am not a freaking horoscope but this one somehow similar with what I do now. 

Many opportunities will be presented to you, and trying to figure out which one to take and which one to refuse might cause your head to go into quite a spin. Try not to feel overwhelmed. Not knowing what to do is not always a problem -- sometimes it's just a state of being. Do not push yourself to choose anything today. Just let yourself mull things over for a while, and enjoy the fact that you have the luxury of so many choices.

See that pile of books ?  Hmmm...

As a matter of facts, I do have a plenty personal projects that I should finish.  They've waited quite sometime.  They cry out loud to be done.  The mess both in my minds and surely reflecting by my desk -not the one's at the office but at home- ^_^
  None other thing but I have to FOCUS.  Yup, I should focus and the best way to find which becomes my focus is by seting priority. By doing so, I wouldn't be overwhelmed and not too many spinning around my head either.  So then, priority is set; I know which one should go first and the 2nd and the 3rd and so...and so...

The 1st would be my other "page" that is for commercial use *wink-wink*.   And just before, I just finished the initial phase of the "page".  It still far away from finished.  Tons to be learned. A lots-lots thing to be done !  But at least there's a progress.  

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