Animal Lover

by - January 08, 2011

When you marry to an animal lover then your life will [well, sort of...] involving animal from time to time.    

Since this habit is inheritance to the kids so, zoo or places like park + animal [for sure] should be on the itinerary during family vacation. Then it is not surprising me when see there a lot of pic's of him & kids with animal ;)
From typical riding a horse, until riding a big animal further to a snake *_* 

Somehow, I'm the only one in the family who's not affected to this disease ^_^
Otherwise, who will take the pic of them.  What a good reason! 

Since I am not as animal-freak as he does, we compromise to have an easy maintenance animal. This one is silent, not demanding and we don't have to deal with its 'pee' nor 'poo' ^_~

Brought this one from Pasar Barito, Jakarta +/- 10-years ago

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