Ratna Art Work #1st Project

by - August 26, 2011

A couple weeks ago I bought a photo frame.  I would say this is a unique ones.  I don't know with you but first time for me found this kind of frame.  Instead of covered by glass, this one is an open type.  It consist of 4 piece of frames; 3 smaller with different sizes and 1 big as a main frame.

 Unlike the common frame that has wood as a based, this one is magnetized.  So you can move around or change the position of the smaller frames.  Very interesting idea.

Then I realized the frame looks too flat.  It was painted white with blue as based cover.  No detail nor ornament.  

The feeling of madly in craft start to pump-up.  After bought kinds of embellishment, I started to decorate the frame. 

Star embellishment

Round Sparkling n Stars
It was really fun.  I played with creativity that I haven't been doing for quite such a long time. 

And I like seeing the result.  I have different frames !  Next thing is photo selection to put on.

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