by - October 13, 2011

He’s the one who introducing me to books, funny that he doesn’t like comics.  As he says, books give more room for imaginations.  Yet, it’s so true.

He always said, be a person with character; be yourself.  Shows your own color as he used to say.  Later I understand, what he meant is stand for what you believe, of who you are.  Show to the world of our existence.

No comprise for 5 times Shalah and school.  He lets 3 of us  -the children- to choose school and faculty on our own.  Parents oblige for tuition. Cool !!

It is as cool as you brought martabak which becomes my fave snack.  I guess you are also the one who responsible of my addiction to chocolate !

He is a good partner in discussion as he has wide interests so he does not limited himself in reading kinds of books.


Instead of putting us in silent dinner, he encourages us to talk during the meal.  Family dinner was chit-chat forum.  It stimulate us to speak-up, expressing our thoughts and opinion.  He’s allowing to talk as he also listen to us.  But there also time, where dinner end-up with quarrel due to different perception.  Hence, we learned to deal with arguments.  But it will resolve when we see movie on TV together after dinner.  And that’s I started to know that you are fan of Clint Eastwood.  That you like classic movie like Ben Hur or Sound of Music.  The way you like Robert de Niro has also put me to like God Father trilogy.

My first engagement with camera when he let me using his Canon.  The one that I have on my own now.

If in your time they were karaoke, probably you so eager to become Indonesian Idol finalist. Unluckily, none of your kids can sing as good as you.


His overseas trip has inspired me for having same experience which I made it when I was 25th.  He used to take us to travel during holidays.  He even took us to museums to learn about history.

He never tired of reminding us the benefit of learning other languages.  He has high spirit and energy to learn new things, till now.  Probably he follow his role model, the Prophet Muhammad who says suggested to seek knowledge till your time to the grave.

I learned soo many things from you, Dad.  Including when we have to release Mom 21-years ago.  You were deeply sad that can not put tears in your eyes.  Suddenly, I see a face of guy missing his love.  

Dad, have I told you that I love you ?

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