How To Add Free Social Media Icons On Blogger

by - February 05, 2014

It's been a quite sometime I am figuring out on how to install social media icon onto my blog.  I tried some methods but I didn't like the result.  I could ask someone to do it for me but outsourcing means I have to spend some money.  Anyhow, I prefer to do it by myself just like when I decided to start create this blog.    

I am NOT a Web Designer (I wish I were now).  Not HTML expert either.  But it doesn't mean we can't do it ourselves.  Once I found a post which saying just copy a template of HTML and edit according to our personal conditions such as our url etc etc.  Yet, it ended up with no success to me.  It is not as easy as it looks, my oh my ! 

The spirit of  "If somebody can and so CAN I" made me to keep looking and googling and looking and googling.  Until finally found this simple tutorial on Youtube, it may not the best but it is the most suitable for me; no need a kind of editing HTML (wink-wink with happy face) !

Before you do the installation, make sure you already have social media icon matches to your blog or icons you like the most.  Either you buy or get it free.   Yup, it's free, folks ! Type the keyword on search engines;  free social media icons.  Then voila !  There are plenty of them.  Or try searching by using Pinterest like I did.  It is very an interesting that Pinterest can also act as search engines.  I also found an interesting web where you can get the set of icons by free like this one or here.

Finally, I realized that blogging requires creativity.

Happy blogging ! 

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