5 Healthy Food That You Crave All The Time

by - January 28, 2015

There is always 1st time for everything.  And this is my first post for Wellness Wednesday, initiated by Rina and Maureen.

I took the challenge for following reasons:
  • Practicing my English so I don’t forget them.  If I can’t practice the language as I used to be, at least the writing ability still there #LOL
  • Self-commitment for writing, regardless what language it is.  I hope by having this “obligation” –if I may say so- I will improve my writing skill.

So, here you go.  My first English posting for Wellness Wednesday where I chose 5 fealthy foods that I crave all the time.  Well, at least I am keeping them ready on our fridge ^_^

Took it after my Mom, I also now serve vegetables on the tables everyday.  There is no day without these veggies.  Not only because my origin Sundanese (Indonesian ethnics who famous eating rare vegetables) but I understand the importance of this foods.  I am trying to serve different of vegetables for the kids to learn that vegetables is also playful.  It was hard in the beginning but now they love it already.  My eldest even ask salad for her lunch box as you can see here.

I don’t know whether I may put this one on the list but milk is one of my everlasting drink.  I started drinking milk as young as I could remember until now which is almost all my life.  I like the taste milk, the plain ones, especially.  

Afraid of getting weight by consuming milk ?  Nop !  Because milk contains vitamin A, D, calcium and protein.  This nutritious drink is healthy to satisfy you from hunger.  If I struck by hunger after late hour, I sometimes take a small cup of hot white milk with a slice of plain bread or crackers.  They successfully put me into sleep !

Though Indonesian is one of Top Tea Producer in the world and most of Indonesian also like consuming tea, well count me out, folks !  As I grew up in the family who rarely serve tea in the house except for the guest, I tend to put aside tea on my drinking list.  Sorry, no offense ^_^.  I couldn’t remember why but my parents prefer drink water than tea even coffee back then.  Believe it or not, my Dad is not drinking coffee. 

Now, I do the same way at the house.  We have 5 gallons of mineral water that we drink all up within 2 weeks.  So, count by yourself our average consumption.  Four of us (Hubby, Me and 2 kids) is even have our own bottle.  We never leave home without our bottle filled with water. 

Lack of water can put us difficult to concentrate.  It is surely not good specially for kids when they supposed to study during school, or us –the parent- during office hour, right ?

I like berries but living in Indonesia kind of limit you to access to kinds of berries.  Or should you find them, it may cost you a lot.  So it is very fortunate when I am able to buy a local strawberry in traditional market.  Thought it is a bit sower but I like the effect each time I bite; fresh and juicy. 

When I read that strawberry has more vitamin C than oranges, contains higher antioxidant compare to others, not mentioning they are a saturated fats.  That moment I know it is good to put into our dish. 

The beauty of strawberry not only on it looks but also the function.  If you slices then put into water, you have infused water.  You cut into pieces, mix with other vegetables, you end up with salad. You mix with other fruits and pouring a syrup or other sweets, voila...fruit cocktail !

I was born in a city, near beach.  Back then, fisheries were easier to find than meat.  That what’s my Mom used to comment if people questioning my preferences on eating meat.  The truth is, I like fish more that meat because if I eat fish then I don’t end up with something stuck on my teeth. 

Now, I have more reasons to add for serving fish on our dinner table.  Fish is not greasy.  It contains Omega 3 and less fat compare to red meat.   When it comes to cost, we still could get good protein in economist way as we can buy fish cheaper than red meat.   

Considering child growth, I now and then combine this 2 animal protein sources; red meat and fish. 

So, how it yours ?

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  1. I don't drink water, i drink cofee *versi Indro hehe
    Makasih mak infonya, sudah tahu air putih bagus tapi males banget minum yang cukup

  2. i'm with you on strawberries. haha! it's pretty surprising to see that you've listed down 'actual food' as your cravings. for me, they're pretty much snacks as i mostly crave only for snacks.

  3. I love berries too, strawberries grown locally sound yum! Well done challenging yourself, you have written a wonderful post!
    Mackenzie Glanville (reflectionsfromme.com)

    1. Thank you for the comment "anonymous".
      Stop by again, sometime.

  4. aku nggak suka susu,nggak tau bau aja gitu hehehe...

    1. emang gak semua orang suka susu, sih.
      btw kalo susu nabati, soya bean, bisa minum, ga ?
      #teuteub ^_^

  5. YAY!!! Congratulations on your post and thank you for joining us. I think you did great :D Keep practicing and hope to see you again next week mbak.

    I love berries too, organic strawberries with yogurt drizzled with a little bit honey...oooh so delicious!

  6. Hmm...my mom used to make me drink a tall glass of milk every morning when I was a little...not my fave haha...Thank you for joining us ya mak. Next week join again okay!

    1. Yup ! As I said, trying to keep blogging ^_^
      talking about self commitment

  7. I'm agree with you on strawberry.
    It's sad to know what a expensive of berries in here whereas it contains many benefits.

    1. People still consider berries as an expensive food while some of berries ie. local strawberry is now easy to buy


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