Be Good To Ourselves

by - February 04, 2015

Do we feel grateful with what we have now ?

Have we ever say “thank you” to God for have created us as we are today, as a human being, not as other creature ?

Have we ever thought if you were created to be someone else, not as you are today ?

Have we ever feel lucky and thankful for being you are today ? 

How many of us feel comfortable with our own body and never think about change it or have it in different way. 


By accident I saw this movie on youtube.  What I saw for the next 4 minutes made me thinking deeply.  The longer I watched, the deeper I understand that the answer to the question is not as simple as thought earlier. 

The question was if you have chance to change, what would you change about your body

Various answers coming from 50 respondents interviewed for the clip.  The interviewees were group of adult, children and older people.  Very personal opinion coming from adults as they are very concern about their body, no wonder if the answers were about having different color of skin, different shape of eyes, ears or removing stretch marks after she gave birth. 

An imaginative and funny answers coming from kids who wish to have leg of cheetah so he could run faster.  Another one wishes to have a big mouth like sharks because he likes eating.  Even a young pretty girl is wishing to have a wing so she could fly like a bird.  But surprisingly, some kids answer they do not want to change anything because “I like my body.”  My Dear, you don’t have any idea how thrill it was to hear such thing from a child at your age.  Because in other parts of the world like South Korea, parent is giving eyelid operation as a 17th birthday present for their daughter !

Once I was ever thinking what would I like if my eyes are round rather than slanted.  For sure, I will look different.  And probably does not look good on me because of my round face.  Finally I realized that God truly has made me at my best. The Almighty has considered all aspects which we may ever not thought before !  If God is nice to us.  Why don't we nice to ourselves ?

Eating a healthy food, get an exercise (this is the hardest part, LOL), keep clean, wearing a pleasant and comfy an outfit is how I thank God whose creates me in such beauty as I am now.

So, would I consider going under the knife for better figure?  The answer is big No-No !  It is not because of the pain after the surgery.  But because of being thankful to God for made me who I am.

It wouldn’t be me if I changed the way I look.  


This is my 2nd article for this week prompt on #WellnessWednesday #gowellnessday and I picked Would you consider going under the knife for better figure and Why?
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  1. I have goosebumps reading this. Terharu aja haha... Gila ya giving eyelid surgery buat hadiah ulang tahun! Beautiful reminder mak. Thank you for the inspiration :)

    1. iya tuh, scary. bisa-bisa mereka jadi manusia artifisial.
      alhamdulillah jika bisa menginspirasi padahal niatnya adalah self reminder hehehe

  2. Run faster like will be good analogy :)

    1. running like cheetah, flying like a bird, swimming like a fish hihihi

  3. Pengen bisa bikin artikel dalam bahasa inggris
    Blom pede,hiks...
    Doa'in ya, bisa seperti Mak...:-)

    1. It's all about exercise, anyway, mba Putri.
      Insya Allah, makin sering dilatih, tambah canggih ^_^

  4. so beautifully said, if God made us this way, who are we to change ourselves? Makes you think!
    Mackenzie Glanville

  5. That is scary to have such birthday present. Oh my! More and more people needs to realize that while beauty is in the eyes of the beholder, beauty also stems from inside us!

    Thank you for joining us again Mbak Ratna :)

    1. Talking about artificial beauty ^_^.
      Anyway, pleasure is mine.


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