The Chinese New Year's Flavor in Singapore

by - January 20, 2014

Ended 2013 with family trip to Pangandaran and open 2014 with business trip to Singapore .  It is good opportunity to see China Town which embellish itself to welcoming Chinese New Year which will be due late this January.

The famous statues in front Prada Shop - Orchard Road

It is not complete visiting Singapore without enjoying Orchard Road in the evening, you could see lights everywhere !  The flashing light from the buildings even confirming Orchard as a premium location of the city. 

Last year I came it was during the day.  So yesterday when I saw the stair's lights changes in sequences at one of the shopping mall (I forgot whether it was Takashimaya or else), I decided to frame it.  The lights was changes according to color scheme gradually, it looks nice !
Evening @ Orchard Road 

Another fascinating place to visit is Chinatown.  Without any festival itself, this part of the city is attractive already.  You can find various kinds of an eye catching things to frame with your camera. I am delighted to share with you all here !

Dine in restaurants - cozy under the sky

Red & Gold embellishments everywhere

An eye catching windows

Lampion at nights

The smell of festive is on the air !

Sparkling lamps

Night life at Chinatown neighborhood

Looking for a souvenirs ?  
Chinatown could be the best place to go.  But I must warn you, there are a LOT of cute things you might want to buy.  So if you like shopping then you have to retain yourself for spending too much money in this neighborhood !  I myself found this funny luggage tag.  

There are soooo many kinds of souvenirs like magnetize pins, key chains, t-shirts and pens.  Usually the seller already put the price tag so we barely could bargaining. It is a fixed prices.  So if you like one particular model, I suggest you to look around first before buying.  Because one shop could sell different type with different price and the price is not so much different.  It just around SGD 1 differ though.

Here you can also find Hindi's temple, Sri Mariamman Temple which is located in the heart of Chinatown.  It opens for public if they are not held any ceremonial event.  Like any other holy place, you to have put off your footwear before entering inner side of the temple.  The visitors also allows to walk around the temple and there are kinds of interesting statues to see.

The cute cow statue

What impress me the most that if you see those statues, none of them has same face.  The sculptor must be a good one or even the best.  Based on googling result, the temple is one of the oldest Hindi's temple in Singapore.

MRT entrance gate in Chinatown

The girl with the hat
During the visit, I also saw these two names at one of shopping mall I visited.  The names is very familiar as I use to buy them back in Indonesia.  Once I read sometimes ago that below brands plans to expand their business outside Indonesia.  I didn't pay attention until I saw myself.  I also found candy coffee Kopiko at supermarket's candy stall. Later on I knew that Kopiko is my Singaporean colleague's favorite ! Who says Indonesian brand can not penetrate international market ?

Bread Talk!

As dominantly populated by Chinese, no wonder if you able to see the spirit of Lunar Year in any part of the city. 

The plastic peony

This trip also gave me an opportunity to visit to one of American ICT company that has Singapore's branch as its hub office for Asian region.

Cisco's alley

Located in Changi Business Distric area, the office occupies four floors of the building. Every floor is designed with different color that is presenting its theme; Blue, Orange and Green.  In this new office -they moved last year from downtown- the office also provides the amusement area in each floor as seen on picts.  Not only nap room and nice pantry, they also provides a massage electronic chair !  

It's not really 100% like Google's office which is designed like a play ground for adult but the attention of life balance between work and enjoying life from the management is not just a mere words.

Chess, anyone?

Let's play

The office's "kitchen" 

Massage's chair

Travelling is like opening a new pages.  There always different story even you came to the same place.  The experience I got just now different than I visited Singapore last year for family trip.

And the spirit of Chinese New Year even makes it better.  I tasted its flavor on the air and framed it in photos.

Happy travelling !

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  1. Waahhh keren makk, sayang natalan kemaren ga tertarik ke china town, padahal keren juga yahh, bagus liputannya mak :-)

    1. Kayaknya perlu dikunjungi juga tuh, Chinatown during X-mast, siapa tahu ada interesting spot ^_^

  2. dari dulu selalu senang lihat lampion. thank for sharing, mak :)

  3. Nice reports, I really enjoyed all of the picture's captured by ur sight ^^ thanks!


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