Tangled of My Childhood; Travelling and Books

by - March 31, 2016

If somebody asked me what I remember the most about my childhood, then the answer is traveling and books.  Two things that still haunted me until my present day as a parent, mom of two.

My travelling experience has began even before I was born.  It started when my Dad assigned from Jakarta to Ujung Pandang, South Sulawesi.  The whole family flew to strange city they never think before, with me still in womb.  My Mom was 8-months pregnant of me back then. Not long after I was born, Mom and me flew again to Jawa to visit my Mom’s father who was ill.  His last wish was to see me, the granddaughter of his first daughter.  Yup, my Mom was the eldest of her sibling.  And that story told to me many times, by my parents when they’re still alive.

After 5-years stationed in Ujung Pandang, my Dad reassigned to Jakarta.  Ever since I remembered how my Mom addressed her concerned to Dad.  How worried she was if the institution where my Dad works, would assign him to other city.  Which happened few times again in the following years.  His job made my Dad to move to Balikpapan and stayed there for another three years.  Not that Mom reluctant to move along but more concerned to the arrangement of moving.  For her, moving means looking for a new house and  new school for the kids.

While for us –me and brothers-, moving means new house and new friends.  And new city to explore.  Which all are exciting !

Despite of the chaotic caused by moving from one to other city. It gave us the chance to see Indonesia where back then travelling is still considered as luxury needs.  People barely do travelling in 70’s and 80’s.  Since Dad also like travelling, so school break means vacation.  Can be staycation or trip to certain place nearby.  No wonder since my youth, I already familiar with Gowa, Pulau Selayar, Bantimurung, Lapangan Karebosi, Pantai Losari and Fort Rotterdam.  All names are famous in Ujung Pandang. 

When we move again to Jakarta, our vacation mostly around West Java.  Drive around Bandung, from Tangkuban Parahu to Ciater hot water.  Braga was very dear to me. Every time we went to Bandung, we always stay at Hotel Braga because it was my Dad’s favorit place.  We used to walk around Braga to Alun-alun Bandung.  And Dad would explain about Gedung Asia Africa when we passed by. 

In another trip, we went to Garut to see Candi Cangkuang and Situ Bagendit.  In other family vacation, we spent the day off at Pangandaran.  I remembered we also had creepy vacation when we stayed at Samudrera Beach Hotel, Pelabuhan Ratu.  When Dad in Balikpapan, I got the chance to see Kerajaan Kutai and visit Samarinda. 

Another thing that my parents spoiled us, was book.  They would say no to toys, but not to books.  Both of my parents provide unlimited access to books.  They used to buy the children a books on regular base.  Good mark from school also means more books.  The better your score, the more books you’ll get.  Both of them, specially Dad, always encourage us not to limit ourselves to a certain things.  His words leads us to are not liking a specific genre.  

What my Dad used to teach us was to link between what we have read with the actual view.  For instance, when we visited Situ Bagendit.  He asked whether we still remember the story.  Or when we visited Kerajaan Kutai, what we know about it.  By doing so, somehow he trained our logical thinking, to make summary.  Sometimes story is not just a story.  There is fact we could see or learn. Otherwise it is called a fiction.

Now, the fashion of reading is not only attach to me but also to the kids.  Somehow, I imitate what my parents did to me.  I prefer buying them books rather than things.  Like my Dad showed me, we also try to visiting places that our children have read from their books.  So when we are visiting Candi Prambanan three years ago, they are not only just studying history at school but also see witness the artifact in person.

The joy of travelling my parents gave me was really got into me so much.  Fill in my childhood with a pleasant plenty of stories.  Stories that I share to my kids now.  The same joy and experience I want my children have.  And that is the reason why we are doing it now.  Reading books and travelling together to new places as much as we can.  Create our own stories for them to pass on their descendant.

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  1. Senang sekali baca ceritanya mak ^^ hal-hal di masa kecil yang akan selalu dikenang dan dibagikan untuk anak-anak. Traveling dan book, dua hal yang saya senangi juga, dan sekarang suka dilakuin keluarga kecilku.
    Pindah-pindah tempat selain bikin sedih tapi banyak pengalaman dan cerita ya mak. Bisa kunjungin banyak tempat juga.

    1. Karena saya masih kecil, jadi pindah-pindah itu lebih banyak berasa enaknya daripada nggaknya. Padahal, pindahan rumah itu repot banget 'kan..

  2. What a lovely and memorable childhood you have with awesome parents whom let you enjoy all of the experiences.

  3. Mbak Ratnaaa...itu fotomu unyu banget..


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