DIY : Sushi For Bento

by - September 15, 2014

Since my daughter falls in love with Japanese dishes, she starts asking me to prepare kinds of sushi and o-nigiri for her lunch box.

First time I eat sushi, I'm quite impressive with the way how it presented.  It looks simple but the more you carefully look at it then you realize that small one-bite-type dish contains of healthy-inexpensive ingredients.

With curiosity on how to prepare simple sushi and o-nigiri, I started to gooling and found several links which is too pity if I  keep them only for myself.

Let's see how the expert doing it !

What make this website unique not only the dog as an icon, yes the dog always accompany the chef on every videos, but also the unusual accent of the presenter.  What make it more hilarious, the chef who is Japanese never speak English during the show.
Please see the video by yourself and you'll know what I am talking about.  Informative yet entertaining cooking channel I've ever seen.

Japanese Cooking 101 is launched for English readers by 2 Japanese women who lives in California.  Though they live outside their home country, they still would preserve an authentic Japanese food.

After I saw "how-to" videos and try to make sushi by my self, then preparing sushi for bento is fun. In fact, I create my own combination as sushi filler.  You can have a sausages either steam or fried ones.  Ebi furai or chicken nugget, even smoked beef.  Basically, whatever you have in your refrigerator can be the filler.  You can spread tomato ketchup or sandwich spread for additional flavor.

For vegetables, put cucumber or avocado.  Even lettuce or steam spinach.

Basically, use your imagination.

And this is one of my version sushi for my daughter's bento.  Home made sushi with fried crab stick plus sliced cucumber, served with fruit salad -red melon, strawberry, cucumber- dressing with thousand island.

Do you have yours ?  Share with me, ya.
So, roll up the sushi and Itadakimasu !

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  1. ngiler maaaaaaaak, jd pengen bikin ndiri >.<

    1. horeeee ... berhasil bikin ngiler.
      silahkan bikin dan kirim contohnya kalau sudah jadi, yak !

  2. liaat gambarnya ngileeer..
    dulu pernah nyobain maaak..
    dasar lidah n perutku ndesoo..
    ga bisa nerima, alhasil keluar lagi dah :v

    1. mak Nchie, isian sushi disesuaikan dengan selera "ndeso"nya ajah ^_^
      Insya Allah, ga keluar lagi

  3. Pernah belajar bikin, Mbak, tapi nggak dipraktekin lagi di rumah, karena nggak doyan. :)

    1. Mak Is, sebenarnya ga beda dengan lemper kok.
      Cuma bungkusnya pake rumput laut.

  4. Enak nih. Sering tu lihat bento yg bagus difoto tp stlh dilihat detil bahannya kayak yg nggak enak dimakan gitu krn serba mentah atau serba karbo, misal udah nasi tp dikasih rambut mie heheheee... Yg ini sehat & segar. Kirimin dong :)

    1. eh, rambut mie, apaan tuh, Mak ?!
      Kalo main ke Bogor, dakuw bikinin deh, sipisial untuk mak Lusi :)

  5. Yummy!! Aduuuh, enaaak banget... jadi pengin bikiiin...:))

    1. hayu atuh bikinnn, nanti kirim2 padakuw yah ^_^


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