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About Me

Welcome to my blog !

My name is Ratna Amalia, based in Bogor, Indonesia.  A mom of 2 and owner of My Dairy Note, a life style blog.  I do blogging for the pleasure of my right-brain side.

The reason behind of dairy was inspired by dairies food.  Dairies has kinds of derivatives but it doesn't loss the original flavor, for instance milk. Milk -as we all know- is good for health also goods for all ages. Same thing I would like my blog to be.  It has various topics and useful without limitation for the reader.  

Books, movies, taking picture and traveling is how I enjoy me time.  That is why, those are subjects I wrote the most.

Adding to that, surely my roller-coaster experience as mom of a young girl teen and a school age boy ! Find out more on Mom's Chronicle.

I also like posting about technology, a simple ones, not the complicated and long nerdy articles. Perhaps it because I was spent too much time working for telecom company ^_^.  Technology articles are stored under Blogging. Suit yourself to explore more !  Hope you find a useful posts.

I do sometimes framing picture with my camera, and you can find some of them as an illustration to my post.  If the pictures are not mine, I will credit the original owner.

So, if you you interest to work with me for job review, sponsorship or such, simply drop an email to ratna.amalia.p@gmail.com

Happy reading ! ^^


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Clients/Brands who works with me

  1. B'Tur Resto and Coffee
  2. Grand Zuri Hotel 
  3. Pajajaran Suite Hotel Bogor
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Ratna Amalia


  1. Wih kerenlah buat stories nya :)

    oia, salam kenal saya Yaumil Akbar dari Garut :D

  2. Wallaa..I have also one blog the content of which is of various subjects a.k.a. gado-gado or mmiscellaneous. No matter what people say or think about your blog title, go on and keeping writing the valuable articles, as always.

    1. Samaan ya, Bund? :D
      Kalo banyak maunya jadi campur-sari gini deh. Terima kasih sudah mampir, Bunda Yati.


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