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by - June 18, 2010

Welcome to my blog !

I am Ratna. A mom of 2 and have long experience in project management for telecom plus ICT industry. If you wish to know about my professional background and experience, you can read more here.

Since I was kid, I found a joy in writing.  Somehow, I didn't do it much until someday I realized that I have so many things in my mind and what a waste it 
would be if I don't share with you.  That moment I decided to start blogging. So here I am, writing about stuffs I like most including my experience being parent.

If you wonder why I name this blog with Dairy Note's not Diary Note's. That's because I was inspired by diaries food.  Dairies has kinds of derivatives but it doesn't loss the original flavor which is milk.  And milk as we all know, good for health and consumed by wide range of ages.

Same thing I would like my blog to be.  It has kinds of topics and useful without limitation for the reader.

Books, movies, taking picture and traveling is how I enjoy me time. No wonder, those are subjects I wrote the most.  

Oh ya, adding to that, surely my roller-coaster experience as mom of a young girl teen and a school age boy !  Find out more on Mom's Chronicle.

Sometimes I also post about technology, a simple ones, not the complicated and long nerdy article.  Perhaps it because I was spent too much time working for telecom company ^_^.  All technology articles are stored under Women & Tech. Suit yourself to explore more !  Hope you find useful post.

As I also like framing picture with my camera, almost picture on this blog took by me.  If the pictures are not mine, I will credit the original owner.

So, if you happens like either my pictures or you find interest to work with me, please drop an email to ratna.amalia.p@gmail.com

Happy reading ! ^^


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